Loan Products

Dowry Loan
It is available to all salary customers of the bank who need loans for their marital arrangements and celebrations such as engagement, dowry and weddings.

Funeral Loan
This is open to our distressed bereaved salary customers of the bank who are in need of an instant loan for the funeral arrangements and to pay their last respects to the deceased.

Agricultural Loans
Cashless and non-cashless credit facilities are granted to all who are engaged in all aspect of agricultural activities.

Commercial Loan
This is also opened to traders, contractors, suppliers and enterprises.

Salary Loan
Available to all salary earners for a period not exceeding sixty months, it can be any for housing, transport, education and others provided one’s salary can support it.

Salary Advance
This is open to all salary and allowance earners for a period not exceeding twelve months provided the applicant salary can support the amount requesting for.